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Prices: All prices on this website are online only, and not available over the phone or in store.

Claims: Any claim must be made within 7 days of receipt of goods, quoting the invoice number, the consignment number, and the reason for the claim.

Freight: A freight charge, plus GST on that charge will apply to deliveries to other addresses. Alternatively we will send freight forward by a customer-nominated carrier if you provide your charge account number with that carrier.

Disputes: If for any reason an account is disputed, any undisputed payments should be made within the specified time, and full details of the dispute sent to Team Systems (Vic) Pty Ltd.

Returns: Any returns should only be made after approval by Team Systems, and by your nominated carrier, and should quote their goods return approval number on the freight docket. A restocking fee may be charged.

Quotations: Unless agreed otherwise, in writing, quotations apply for 30 days.

Specifications: Our Policy of constant product improvement may result in changes to specification. Where this may lead to difficuly, customers are advised to enquire specifically before ordering.

G.S.T.: A 10% GST is applicable if purchased in Australia.


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